Violator (AAA)

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Unlike most indicas, Violator Kush is creative and sociable. With an interesting cannabinoid profile containing measurable hints of CBD, this strain delivers a perfectly mellow vibe. Patients love it for its benefit to mood disorders, and stoners love it for its euphoria. It has an intensely hash-like aroma, with pine and woodsy flavour.



  • Body High
  • Creative
  • Social
  • Relief from mood disorders



  • Hash
  • Pine
  • Woodsy



  • 19 to 23% THC
  • 2% CBD




(A) Mild to harsh flavour profile. Great for edibles, hash making, and an affordable flower to vape.

(AA) Smokable strain, with minor issues with appearance, size, or profile.

(AAA) Excellent for smoking and vaping. Good flavour profile, aroma, and profile.

(AAAA) Top-rated flower, expressing perfect physical appearance, aromatic profile, and cannabinoid content.


Earn up to 710 Points.

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5 reviews for Violator (AAA)

  1. Hadassah

    This is s really good strain for pain relief. It gives good relaxation that make fall asleep. it doesn’t give me the munchies. I just want to chill and play some video games.

  2. Ephrain

    This is one of the best indica strains around. It gave me a full body high and eliminated all of my pain. This is definitely a good one to try!

  3. Emmah

    This is a great strain ,smells good and has an awesome taste. This is a nice place to get your smoke.

  4. Jason

    I love using this strain when I just want to sleep or just want to relax and watch a movie. It takes my pain away and makes me smile.

  5. Elijah

    This strain has a fantastic spicy smell and taste… The effect hits you almost instantly. Would buy again

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