1 Ounce (AAAA) Mix & Match – 4 Strains at 7 Grams Each



What happens when you combine AAAA graded bud with a premium selection? You get The Highest Kite’s Mix & Match AAAA Ounce. Tackle the growing list of AAAA graded strains, and choose up to four of your favourites. 

You’ll get seven grams each for a full ounce of top-notch flower. Mix & Match Ounces are the ideal option if you love to experiment or need options for a variety of conditions.



Choose 4 different strains from the following list of AAAA graded bud.




(A) Mild to harsh flavour profile. Great for edibles, hash making, and an affordable flower to vape.

(AA) Smokable strain, with minor issues with appearance, size, or profile.

(AAA) Excellent for smoking and vaping. Good flavour profile, aroma, and profile.

(AAAA) Top-rated flower, expressing perfect physical appearance, aromatic profile, and cannabinoid content.


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